Shark SHKMSDHRS6160H 250w Motorcycle 2 speakers + FM radio w/2 remotes (wired / wireless) sd aux huge lcd display + external antenna
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Item #: SHKMSDHRS6160H
Manufacturer: shark

Major Updates Include:

  • Both wired and wireless full featured remotes are included with this system
  • External jack for external antenna
  • Marine waterproof antenna included.

amp size 3.5 X 2 X 1 (inches)
Package includes a 250 watt motorcycle amplifier with FM radio built in, 2 waterproof speakers, 2 full featured remote control that changes FM stations, volume, on / off and all wires and accessories needed to install this (wired and wireless).
This new system has a huge lit up display for the FM station & all song information. (ie name of singer, album, length of song etc)

The amp / radio / receiver also has a SD & USB slot so that you do not even need a mp3 player to use it. Just download any song onto a SD card, insert it into the amp and your set!
You can connect any iPod or mp3 cd player to this system.

These speakers are 100% waterproof. You can dump it in a pot of water and it will still work. Try that with your current speakers.
Mirror Handle bar brackets are included. It should not take you more than 15 minutes to have this system up and running

Suitable for 12 Volts motorcycles, scooters and yachts

Specifications of the 250 watt amplifier & radio receiver

  • USB & SD slot input
  • 3.5 mm & aux input for any mp3 player or audio device (even CD's
  • Jack for external antenna (internal also included)
  • marine weatherproof antenna is included
  • Working Voltage 10-16V DC
  • MAX power @ 4 100WX2 +50w
  • RMS power @ 4 50WX2+65w
  • THD 75dB
  • 2 stereo Channels +1 Subwoofer channel
  • Channel separation >45dB
  • Frequency response 20Hz-50kHz
  • Sensitivity 50mv
  • Frequency range 87.5--108MHz
  • Huge LCD LIGHTS UP FM frequency & SONG INFO display
  • Wireless and wired full function remote control that changes channels
  • Power and MUTE switches
  • Usable sensitivity 5 v at S/N 26dB
  • Fuse rating 5A
  • Details for loudspeaker
  • Working Voltage 10-16V DC
  • VoiceCoil Impedance: 4
  • Resonc Frequency: 165HZ
  • Effective Frequency Range: Fo-12kHZ
  • Puiput Sound Pressure Level: 88dB
  • Rated Input Power: 75W
  • Max Input Power: 100W
  • Distortion: <= 5%
Fuse size 5 20MM 10A
  • one year warranty

Power wire and audio wires are included!!
The tiny amplifier can be mounted in many different places. Mount to a windshield bracket, under a seat or in a tool bag, a water proof glove box or tool stowage area. will compliment any motorcycle, cycle or bike! Shark speakers are Marine Grade, Weatherproof and Waterproof New Marine technology, low power, BIG clean, clear SOUND!

Customer Reviews
Wille R. of Sweden
Wire remote control
I cannot get the wire remote to work. There was no manual in the box. Otherwise the sound is very good and the volume too. I have installed it in an Alfa Romeo Duetto convertible. I only need the manual to determine if the system is OK? Thanks
Jim Christie of Buffalo
The Bomb!
I have the 100 watt with FM and wired remote. I always noted that the way to go with these systems is is with a wired remote. The antenna jack + marine grade antenna. This is my perfect shark system. I may add the sunwoofer next week Motorcycle Speakers, Audio Systems Motorcycle Speakers, Audio Systems